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MakeIT Workshop- Chainmail Creations

MakeIT Workshop - Chainmail Creations

Hosted by DreamIT MakeIT

Saturday, January 27 at 6 PM - 8 PM    Facebook Event:                                                  Springfield-Greene County Library District  4653 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, Missouri 65810

There are a LOT of ways to be creative with chainmail metal creations! Come learn some of the basics and leave with your own creation! 

Make Magazine describes chainmail: Chainmail (or mail or maille) refers to armor that made from metal rings that are joined together in a pattern to form a protective mesh. Historically this kind of armor was used to protect soldiers on the battlefield from slashing and stabbing injuries. This kind of protective gear is still used by some butchers and shark divers.

In addition to being able to protect the wearer from sharp objects, it is also useful for protecting against high voltage electricity. Many people who work with high voltage devices such as Tesla coils use chainmail as a wearable faraday cage. The metal is very conductive and it is able to safely redirect electricity around their bodies.

Chainmail is also commonly used as a decorative element. The simple elegance of interwoven rings makes it ideal for jewelry making.

$10 to cover the cost of materials.
To register: Send email to and we will send you the link to pay and reserve your spot! 

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