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Carnegie STEM Leadership Workshop Series

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Integrating Curriculum: Breaking Down Barriers Between Subject Areas

The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition, the Southwest RPDC, Missouri State University are joining forces to expand upon the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway™ effort with a concentrated series of workshops aligned to the themes and criteria of the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway rubric. These workshops will drill down into various themes of the Carnegie STEM model.  During each workshop we will address the topic or theme from both an administrator and educator perspective.  All workshops will included a light breakfast, snacks and lunch.  All materials being provided at no additional cost.     

School and district administrators, principals, instructional coordinators, STEM educators, afterschool program coordinators, CTE professionals and other leaders interested in bringing a stronger STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) mindset and intention to the school and classroom.
STEM best practices for classrooms and schools, local resources and opportunities, sharing and peer to peer networking
Strategies and success from STEM centric programs in the region and across the state
In coorporation with the Carnegie Science Center (PA) and aligned to the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathways model criteria

COST: $99 (Well worth it!)

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