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Jordan Creek Underground Tour

Jordan Creek Underground Tour

Friday, April 19, for adults age 18 and older only.

Discover the history of Jordan Creek, a graffiti-covered, urban stream that runs below downtown Springfield. This guided tour, led by the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, will explore the history of waterways within Springfield and reflect on how our actions impact their future.

Tours meet at the west end of the parking lot at 319 N. Main Ave. and require the ability to climb in and out of the creek using a stepladder. You will also be underground and wading in shallow water (6–12 inches), so bring a flashlight and close-toed shoes (preferably waterproof).

Each tour limited to 20 participants.

Registration starts March 29; call 883-5341. • 2–3:30 p.m. & • 5:30–7 p.m.