The 4th Annual Ozarks Mini Maker Faire

O-STEAM and the entire Ozarks Mini Maker Faire Team would like to THANK both all the amazing Makers who came out to showcase their passion for Making & STEAM and the participates who bought tickets and swag to help support creativity and innovation throughout this region.  We couldn't do this without each of you.  THANK YOU! Please keep up with our websites (O-STEAM & The Ozarks Mini Maker Faire) along with our social media for both.  Let's keep this passion growing for the STEAM focus throughout our region with the heart of a Teacher- let's share the passion!  

O-STEAM kicked-off a capital campaign to fund 10 "Genius grants" to support teachers supporting creativity & innovation throughout our region. (More to come...) We hope to have $20,000 by the end of December to accept grant requests by January 15, 2019. We'll keep you abreast as we grow this fund!

Not everyone can fund a full project, but everyone can contribute something to make them happen.  Come on Ozarks do we want an community that values mediocrity or creativity? Help us make that happen. Sign up on our "DONATION" button and we'll keep you informed.

The Ozarks Mini Maker Faire is expected to                                           ENTERTAIN ~ EDUCATE ~ INSPIRE

Ozarks What Do YOU Want To Make?