National Inventor's Day

 Happy National Inventor's Day 2/11: At the young age of 12 years Benjamin Franklin invented the world’s first swim flippers, making him a great role model for every child who dreams of making something nobody has ever seen before. Over the centuries, other children have invented many other things we continue to use today, such as popsicles (yummm), the trampoline and ear muffs. Probably most noted invention by a young student is the language of the blind now used the world over, Braille. Louis Braille, its inventor, lost his vision in a tragic accident at age 3 and spent his early teen years developing his new language while studying at The National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris. Almost 200 years later, American teen Ryan Patterson also improved the lives of the disabled when he invented a glove with special sensors that translates the hand motions of American Sign Language into written words on a digital display.

In 1983 Pres. Regan proclaimed Feb 11th as National Inventor's Day. Thirty one years later we continue to honor ALL Inventors national and global scientists, engineers, physicists, even young students, continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. If we want technological progress and economic well-being we will dedicate a day to recognize these passionate inventors and continue to instill a passion for creativity and innovation.

Check out what this school does to promote inventing in the K-6th grades... They really live it day in and day out.

Also, check out what Missouri State University is doing to promote the entrepreneur spirit , The eFactory: